Devon Loffreto

Devon Loffreto


I started this organization to research the earliest ages at which an entrepreneurial growth mindset could influence how kids develop skills and patterns of belief about themselves as healthy, self-possessed creative beings. My motivation stems from the self-knowledge that entrepreneurial efforts are the only kind of work-based activities that I have sustained interest in, and that the US public education system was a major problem for me to overcome as a young person. I work to bring technology-empowered education to kids who like me, are motivated to seek their own path, independent of credentials or outside validation, pursuing an inborn dream of making this world a better place by their own direct authentic efforts.

Melora Loffreto


I'm a proud girl geek. My experience is in creating, marketing and implementing developmental tools for educating young people. Having worked for many years at product development, experience has given me a wide range of valuable hands-on skills. I believe that as the world changes, our kids crave more challenges for direct learning. It is our responsibility to help provide tools to engage and grow young minds. Play remains the most powerful path to learning for young kids, and technology continues to lead new paths forward. With technology comes a choice...will we program or be programmed? The choice is more relevant for the kids of today than for anyone else before them.


Open Opportunity


Are you interested in making an impact in the delivery of entrepreneurship and technology education? Do you have skills building web-based tools? Are you a student or recent graduate seeking to make an early impact on many people? Contact: info [at] noizivy dot org | Twitter


NoizIvy.org is a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization. Our mission is to empower hands-on STEAM education and entrepreneurial learning within local communities using technology and peer-to-peer exchange models . We exist to expand access to the skills required for the development of new products, services and educational programs. We are active at the junction of open source and independent personal opportunity, helping people understand the impact that data-tools can have in their lives.

We are a very unique organization, designed to grow people, not a bottom-line. Our small leadership core reluctantly posts pictures of themselves, and rarely self-promotes in news media, instead choosing to make an impact face-to-face with Individuals for the past 20+ years. During this time, our leaders have worked in other fields, producing music, educational books and videos, developmental play toys for kids 0-6, and other manufacturing outcomes for global brands touching almost every continent on this planet, and familiar to most people. Behind the scenes, working quietly and diligently in remote locations, we have influenced kids, teachers, administrators, executives and aspiring entrepreneurial thinkers to better understand opportunities emerging around us all.

As a rare entrepreneurial organization practicing what we teach, 99% of the projects we support are driven by the incremental revenues earned from the services we provide within our communities. This is no small feat, providing a diverse community access to both OPEN and advanced programming, under both FREE and paid models that extend opportunities out to the talented mentors and leaders we work with and grow opportunities with requires the management of many moving parts. We work with rural communities where 70% of student lunches are federally subsidized, and we work in the largest most diverse non-city school districts in the US. We see the need for our efforts conveyed within very divergent communities, and find motivation in finding common ambitions in the hearts of students, teachers and parents everywhere we go. The remaining 1% of our support to date has come from corporate and foundation donations.

In the years ahead... data independence will define a new type of 'have versus have-not' dichotomy in Society, and past choices and structural involvements will determine a great deal of the reality people personally experience. Actionable intelligence is required by all people, of every age, to participate with opportunities in healthy ways. Sugar serves both positive and negative outcomes, and every data-driven tool and administered outcome serves no less. The education infrastructure of America and the world requires attention, and the goals and methods used to inspire directed effort require independent leadership... the kind that works to solve problems, not only because of a pay check that defines the responsibility, but because of the real structure of education opportunity itself. The future responds to leverage... own rootâ„¢ creative authority.

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