Services: K12 Education

Computer Science

Every Kid Codes

Teaching others how to code, building tools for use in the classroom, and testing them in live events... this is how our unique methods have been refined over the years with great success. Kids learn to code by playing with code, making games, websites, apps and even doing their homework. Our leaders started teaching 5 year old students, and work as pro developers to help all K-12 students learn this basic literacy skill.

Maker Education

Maker Education

Join the maker movement! Maker programs explore electronics prototyping and physical computing interactions in a hands-on model of instruction designed for all levels of learners starting at age 8+. Every school and every student should be so fortunate as to have the opportunity to experience hands-on engineering education for themselves. These are vital skills for the future we can all build together.



Entrepreneurial thinking is a required workforce development skill. Entrepreneurial learning can engage all levels of students in the interactive experience of building a startup company in a single class period, in an after-school club, at home with parents, or in a progressive manner with mentors. Every company wants to hire workers that can think and create value using their own creative insight.

Minecraft in Education

Gaming in Education

A program designed to explore collaborative learning using this sandbox construction game where students can build anything they can imagine. Designed for all levels of learners, program can be customized to integrate within existing curriculum. We have a great deal of experience using MinecraftEDU and accessing advanced lessons aimed at educational outcomes... in fact, we're some of the original innovators on this path: Learn More Here

Professional Development

Professional Development

Access methods that will put your teachers and school at the head of the pack. Pro Dev comes in many forms, but making approaches accessible while using tested and refined methods that represent best-of-class is not always so easy to find. Computer science and engineering in the classroom gets a lot of attention these days, find out how to engage with practical methods that deliver real student value.


We get asked all the time; iPad or Chromebook? What maker tools produce the best learning results and how should schools utilize available budget funding? What tools are required to service individual learning objectives? What programming languages have value? How do these choices affect existing classroom requirements? We can help you make informed decisions.

Educators Are Saying...

Arie E. Kaufman, Stony Brook University, Department of Computer Science, Distinguished Professor and Department Chairman

"As one of the top 20 computer science departments in the nation based on student outcomes and research, the Department fully commits to assisting Noiz Ivy in making educational opportunities in computer science available to as many students as possible." Letter of Support (pdf)

Jacqueline Grennon-Brooks, Ed.D, Hofstra University, Professor, Department of Teaching, Literacy and Leadership - Director, Institute for the Development of Education in the Advanced Sciences - Director, Secondary Science Education

"You have become my "gold standard" for electronic learning!!" Letter of Support (pdf)

Maria Brown, MS, PWS, New York State Master Teacher, Sayville High School - Science Research Teacher, Stony Brook University - Lecturer of Sustainability Studies

"We look forward to working with Noiz Ivy on this innovative project as it will play an important role in preparing our students with the necessary skills for the future work force" Letter of Support (pdf)