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Student-Driven, Family-Owned Public Education

At the junction where volunteering & personal ownership meet, education experiences a powerful medium for public-private partnerships. The opportunity for collaboration at this sweet spot brings young people and parents into meaningful contact with valuable community resources, institutional partners and commercial partners. From this vantage point, the future of education is an exciting interchange, and the structure of participation is like nothing the world has ever experienced before. produces innovative entrepreneurial ed-tech programs for students and teachers in multiple settings and formats. In-school K-12 programs, after-school programs, professional development programs, library programs, University-based programs, online-only programs, summer camps and monthly clubs offer many ways of getting involved with kidOYO.

kidOYO organizes "Kids Learning Code" events using a refined methodology that is unique to the communities that deploy it. In Fredericksburg, Virginia these live events bring young people, parents, technology workers, teachers, University partners, and industry partners together to engage numerous topics of interest to kids aged 7-17 in a free, open and collaborative environment. In Long Island, New York live events find a network of similar people spread across a very diverse set of communities all desiring to empower themselves by learning to code and make with technology approaches of interest to people locally.

Leadership sets kidOYO apart; our team is composed of professional product and technology developers and entrepreneurs who do what they teach, and bring real world context to the programs they develop to get students learning by doing. "Failing Forward" through hands-on iterative effort is the mantra at kidOYO. It is a method of learning that is new and unique for most students, and by working alongside teachers, kidOYO is helping to deploy a new model of education in and outside of traditional school environments that helps prepare students for the future workplace where STEAM skills and entrepreneurial mindsets will be critically important for life success.

A Maker Education Can Produce Personal Social Change in the lives of young people, families, communities and more. The methodology of this style of education is of particular importance to present day students. The kids of today, from age 3 - 17, find themselves in a very unique situation, whereby technology is advancing so quickly, and labor markets are being affected at such rapid rates, that every student in this age range belongs to the same competitive or collaborative labor market in-the-making. The educational opportunities of greatest value to the future are not necessarily present within our public-schools. At the same time, students and parents have access to a newly developing educational platform whereby access to advanced learning opportunities are thriving.

As parents, the kind of skills that our children have access to will in large part affect the kind of opportunities they will have access to as well. Skill segregation is a growing concern for communities that do not tend to have thriving technical labor markets, or strong STEM education methodologies. Robotic technologies, autonomous data processing platforms, arrays of sensors, video and audio recording equipment and data, data, data... are entering the real-world marketplace where students will both find opportunities and be required to live with cultural literacy as they pursue happy and prosperous lives. How our kids are educated to understand technology, or the maker-skills that empower STEAM-related fields of endeavor is of critical importance.

At kidOYO... we have a firm grasp on what is happening and how to direct the efforts of a collaborative community in producing educational outcomes with definite learning value. Our approach allows anyone, at any age, interest level or technical skill level to begin learning technical literacy for the real-world. We differentiate methods to the setting, providing schools with resources and opportunities to reduce teacher intimidation caused by technical complexity and let them do what they do best... lead and inspire kids to learn! Free mentor-driven events empower kids to own their own learning experience and define their own interests and learning outcomes. Virtual events bring the experience of social-learning into play, scaling what can be achieved using unique time shifting formats.

Kids want to "Own Your Own" education... data... outcomes... respect... credibility... capabilities!

kidOYO is all about producing that learning experience. We are a young effort... and we are a patient effort, committed to our initial communities of interest we call home and share many relationships with friends. We are also a rapidly growing effort, and our capabilities and partnerships are empowering us to bring kidOYO to more students, more teachers, more schools, more communities... and in time, more Nations interested in the essence of entrepreneurial thinking and its application within the skill-sets and thought processes of young people.

We are a proud American public-benefit concern, empowered by the US Treasury with Federal IRS Tax Exemption in pursuance of the public benefit mission of local community empowerment via technology and entrepreneurship education. If you are interested in learning more about our efforts, visit for more information.